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The difference is: the vast majority of Republicans caught up in those "embarrassing sex scandals and bribery scandals" aren't still in office. Bill Clinton stayed in office after committing adultery and perjury. Gerry Studs was applauded by Congressional Democrats. William Jefferson has been indicted, yet he's still there.

Yes, many Republican politicians say that they have values in order to win votes...and then it turns out that they're hypocrites. But most Republicans don't tolerate hypocrisy in their leaders. You, instead, think it's better to have politicians who have no values at all.

Oh, and there's a reason that the Republicans in Congress have such low approval ratings: they've been acting more and more like Democrats lately, and that tends to piss Republican voters off.

The Republican party is entering a transition phase. It's basically turning into a struggle between conservatives and neo-cons as to where the party is going to go in the future. Those of us who believe that our politicians should be held to higher standards than the average Joe aren't happy with the modern Republican party, but it's hard to vote for someone else (I'm a fan of the Constitution Party, myself), when the alternative party seems to have no values at all.

So, I stick to my assertion from my last post: throw all the bums out & start over.

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