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Republicans vs. Democrats...who's the bigger scumbag?

This is a branch-off from the off-topic discussion we got into in this thread.

The question is this: which party's politicians are bigger scumbags, Republican or Democrat?

Most Republican politicians purport to be for conservative family values, yet again and again Republican politicians get caught up in sex scandals (most notably Mark Foley & Larry Craig). Most of the time, Republican politicians caught in these scandals don't remain in power for very long after they're caught, and the scandal pretty much kills their political career.

Democrat politicians, on the other hand, don't usually make any claims about supporting conservative family values. Democrats have also been caught up in sex scandals (most notably Gerry Studs, Mel Reynolds & Bill Clinton).

Republicans who say they stand for family values and then engage in this kind of behavior are hypocrites...but, then, so are Democrats who condemn Republicans engaged in scandals and then support those in their own party who are caught in the same type of behavior.

So which is worse: a party that tries to stand up for values but struggles with scumbag politicians engaging in reprehensible behavior, or a party that stands up for "anything goes," and doesn't seem to care when members of their own party engage in this type of behavior?

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