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Originally Posted by stoffe
The problem is with the line...

2DAMEMORY137=RowLabel this will save the value in the (Row Label) column, while the baseitems.2da file is indexed by line number. So you should use...


...instead, since this will save the line number your new line gets added as in the token.

Generally there are three key values you can use to identify a particular row in most cases:

RowIndex - the line number of the row
RowLabel - The label of the row, displayed as a (Row Label) column in KotorTool.
LabelIndex - The value in the label column of the row. This obviously only works with 2DA files that have a label column, and is mostly used for editing/copying existing rows where you don't know what the row label or line number is (usually since the target lines were dynamically added by a mod earlier).
Thanks stoffe, though as I said it worked with RowLabel I just had to put the 2DAMEMORY line after the itemtype was created.
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