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Kimber was horrified at what she saw at the depot. People lined up to be vaporized into fuel?

"Eeew.... yuck!" Kimber shook her head, slowing backing away from the depot and the lines of people. "I'm not putting this fuel in my ship! And I don't care how environmentally friendly it is...."

Then she saw her Captain and the mechanic, talking with one of the potential 'fuel donors' near the beginning of the queue. "Erm... your ship," she corrected herself. "Hey, Spanner-boy!" She waved a hand at them, hoping that they would see her. "What the heck is going..."

Unfortunately, someone else saw her instead.

"...on?" A man's hand abruptly touched Kimber's shoulder. "You are early," she heard a man's voice say.

Slowly turned her head to see his face. "Early?"

"The machine has not yet finished the purification cycle." The man's eyes were glazed over, very similar to the woman they had first met that had said something about purification. "You will have to wait."

"Oh. Yeah, well, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I really need fuel or not." Kimber started to back away slowly. "I think I probably have enough to get to where I'm going. Wherever that may be," she added under her breath. "But thank you so much for the information. I really hate waiting in line for...." She cast a nervous glance over her shoulder. There were queues of people everywhere. "...erm, stuff."

"You lack patience," the man said. "That is a sin."

"No." Kimber pressed her lips together. "That's a genetic trait for Corellians. You know, like Zeltrons are red?"

She grinned, then looked nervously over her shoulder. There seemed to be others gathering around her, with the same glazed look in their eyes. She was pretty confident that she could take down 5 or 6 of them, but any more than that and she was going to have a problem. "Lane?!" she called out, hoping that the near-human would be nearby to assist her in getting back to the ship. "Lane, I think it's time to go now!"

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