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Lane, buying some exotic-looking fruit from a local merchant, heard Kimber's plaintive shout. Pressing a few extra credit chits into the merchant's hand, Lane turned and darted quickly on long, lithe legs towards the Corellian pilot. Within moments, the enigmatic near-Human's sinewy body was interposed between Kimber and the approaching crowd.

"Kimber, what was that you said?" the lips asked as the eyes sized up the oncoming brute ahead.

Kimber was silent for a moment, surprised at Lane's swift arrival. "I said I think it's time to go," she replied, finally finding her voice.

"I think that is a good idea," the lips replied. Just as the lumbering man came upon them, Lane's hand quickly flashed out, stuffing a spiky, round fruit into his mouth. As the man staggered backward, Lane deftly stepped behind Kimber and cradled used long, spindly arms to cradle her up. Before she could register surprise on her face, Lane's legs had already churned forward and taken them meters away from the crowd of spellbound people.

Kimber turned to look behind them at their shrinking forms, then looked at Lane's face, only inches from hers. "How did you do that?" she asked breathlessly.

The lips curved up into a smile as the legs moved faster towards the Ebon Hawk.
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