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I've got serious problems against both.

The Republican party is full of hypocrites who make laws against behavior they themselves engage in. A person who has an intense amount of self hatred because of an issue should not be trusted with the power to write legislation. Senator Craig is one of hundreds who wrote and voted on legislation for decades on an issue that he had a vested interest in. Not just because he had accepted bribes, as it typical of congress to do, but as a homosexual in congress, he wrote legislation and signed off on legislation based on his conviction that he was a terrible person who needed to be punished, not based on what would best serve the public. Then they justify what they do by saying that they do it in God's name.

The Democrats don't really stand for anything. They stand against Republicans, because they see the Republicans doing things that are motivated by hatred. They don't stand for God. They don't stand for morals. They don't claim to have morals. But they don't betray their stances or God, because there have not any stances to betray. They don't fix anything, because they've always been irrelevant.

Before the 90's the Republicans were the lesser threat to the economic welfare of their own constituents than the Democrats were. The Democrats were the lesser threat to the spiritual welfare of their constituents. The Democrats wanted to micromanage and enslave people economically. The Republicans wanted to micromanage and enslave people spiritually.

Not a lot of difference really.
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