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I'd like to point out that I make every effort to be an informed voter, and I do not have a party allegiance (I think that's insane). I've voted for Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents if I think they were the right person for the job. I do not vote for any party, but rather for the immediate position in question. With this in mind, I consider the competent execution of the position as the most important thing when voting, and a person's particular moral/religious bent as something generally irrelevant. So:

What values in specific are being talked about here? Simply because someone does not have a particular value, or perhaps places a different importance on a value than you do does not mean they don't have any values whatsoever. Using sexual scandals to prove that democrats have "no values" is ridiculous, and the same applies to the republicans as well.

I eat bacon and pork and cow. Many believe that these things make me somehow unclean. Clearly, it is proven that I have no values.


People do indeed do things that I do not approve of all the time, things I would never do myself. Still, I'm not one to moralize and dictate exactly what other people should do. Me, I tend to think, "Does this problem he's having interfere with his job?" If it does, then I can (and probably will) complain about it. If it doesn't, then it's not worth my time.

Lewinski? Couldn't care less. Lying under oath? That's a bit more serious.

I wouldn't give a second thought to Foley being gay. Breaking the law, however, deserves attention.

Simply placing a different amount of importance on some things hardly reduces the amount or strength of the values a person may have. The price of imposing your values on people is that they don't have as much freedom. Perhaps democrats in general place more emphasis on sexual freedom than you do. Even if that's true, however, it doesn't follow they have no values.

It is no doubt true that bin Laden has some values. Those values don't necessarily align with mine. Fine; I don't care very much about them. Then he decides to blow up things and I get concerned. He tries to impose his values by force and I get concerned.

This case is pretty similar to what I think of public officials. You have your values. Fine; I don't care much what you think, only what you do insofar how it affects your job. So you sexed up someone that's not your wife? I don't want to hear trivia; leave that for the magazines with Batboy on the cover. How did you vote?

Now that's something I'm interested in.

Republicans? Democrats? Asking which party is the bigger scumbag seems foolish, since I don't elect parties, I elect people. And I will be harshly critical of those people that fail in their duty, regardless of which club's badge they wear.

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