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Originally Posted by rccar328
The difference is: the vast majority of Republicans caught up in those "embarrassing sex scandals and bribery scandals" aren't still in office. Bill Clinton stayed in office after committing adultery and perjury. Gerry Studs was applauded by Congressional Democrats. William Jefferson has been indicted, yet he's still there.
You're partly right. Yes, a lot of times when conservative figures do things that gets them in trouble, they resign and fade out of public life. Mostly because other party members do force them out. But Larry Craig is still in office, remember.

Originally Posted by rccar328
You, instead, think it's better to have politicians who have no values at all.
Well, I just have different values in mind when it comes to politics. Values such as the rule of law, the Constitution, limited government, non-interventionism, personal freedom, civil liberties, etc.
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