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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Eye of the North is great fun, though it makes more sense if you've played through the Prophecies campaign from the start. Unfortunately, that's a lot slower going than Nightfall or Factions, as the quests give measly 500 xp rewards and the storyline progresses at a snail's pace. It's something you should probably try anyway, but I don't think I could ever go back again. :S

But you can still come play in Eye of the North with me!
Would you have to play through the older campaign to get some of the skills? Seems like many of the good skills belong to other campaigns than Nightfall, looking at the lists in the wiki.

I'll probably get Eye of the North once I've finished Nightfall, but I'm not so sure about the older ones yet. They seem fairly different gameplay-wise from what little I've seen and read about them.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Holy damage is affected by armor but it is not physical or elemental, so it ignores some types of armor. A ranger would be hit by holy damage as if their armor was only 70. This same effect happens with chaos and dark damage.
So I guess there is no way for an elementalist to get armor penetration other than specializing in Lightning magic? Some enemies seem to have ridiculous amounts of elemental resistance. Stoneaxe Heket in particular are kind of annoying, hitting them with a spell that should do 120 damage according to the description only does 30, and still they have a huge amount of health.

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