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Originally Posted by stoffe
So I guess there is no way for an elementalist to get armor penetration other than specializing in Lightning magic? Some enemies seem to have ridiculous amounts of elemental resistance. Stoneaxe Heket in particular are kind of annoying, hitting them with a spell that should do 120 damage according to the description only does 30, and still they have a huge amount of health.
Yeah, it's annoying but elementalists kind of get shafted damage-wise later in the game. Your best bet would be AOE spells, and conditions - especially burning. The AOE spells would make your damage output rise, and burning does 14dmg/sec. If you keep someone burning for a few seconds it may well be equivalent to hitting them with an armor-ignoring skill. Some useful skills for this are Rodgort's Invocation, Immolate, Incendiary Bonds, and Mark of Rodgort (you already know of Searing Flames).
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