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((Gaah, so far behind! >.< I apologize - I've been out of town since Thursday, so I haven't had a chance to post ^.^'' And now I have so much to catch up on...*sigh*))

He glanced to the side as he heard the call, his eyes the only part of him that moved. His ice blue gaze locked on Kimber, and then over her shoulder at the growing and approaching crowds. They would not be happy to find any of their group out of line for their 'purification', he knew that - and if they were, indeed, being controlled against their will, they would have no second thought if the time came to attack...or even kill. The thought of having to fight these people - no, not people, shells - regardless of whether or not they truly meant to kill them was enough to make him quiver. He had become so adverse to bloodshed...

He had been about to step forward to work his own against this Jedi before them, this Archivist, when Tysy herself launched forward and bodily dragged her off the bench. He paused, raising a slight eyebrow as he watched them take off. He knew that Tysy had always been strong...but that had been one hell of a pull. He must remember to ask her where she got her stims...

Breaking off into a flat-out run, he quickly caught up to the fleeing Jedi women, his ice blue eyes darting ahead to find the receding forms of their pilot and non-human crewmates. Sure that they were safe, at least for the moment, his attentions turned back to himself and the other two. They were just reaching the edge of the crowd of people, and he was feeling uneasy. Subconsciously, his human hand drifted over the left arm, his gloved fingers settling over the leather and tensing on the metal beneath. If it did come down to a fight...there were so many of them...

He glanced to the Archivist, with whom he was running level with now. He caught her eye for only a second, but it was enough. He could see the new light in her eyes. Their connection was established.

You know who I am. he directed to her, his eyes turning straight ahead as a blockade in the Force - subtly yet strong - hid their conversation from Tysy's knowledge.

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