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Dave listened to the sound of the motor as he neared New York.
*Rattle-knock* *Sputter* *CLANK*
He thought to himself, Well ole girl, guess you ain't gonna make it... Looks like I'm walking from here on out. Just as well, there ain't many trees to weave through in a city. No windy back roads that I know so well.

Dave opened the trunk and retrieved his weapons. He glanced down at the white lightning sitting in the crates and said, "I ain't had much use fer ya before, but ya just might come in handy." He loaded as many bottles as he felt safe carrying into the old sack that was in the trunk. He took out a few more bottles and tossed them at the car. "May I never see ya commin' agin' me," he said as he lit a match and watched the classic burst into flames.

He thought to himself, Kind of a shame she couldn't make it all the way to the city though. As he set to walking, he thought, and I'm never gonna find another 455. He began a little chuckle to himself. He laughed at the irony of the thought. As if he could go down to the local dealership and get a replacement Chevy 350. Yes, he thought, I'd like a new Camaro please. Leather interior. High performance package as well. Special order? That's fine, I have all the time in the world. That last thought struck a nerve in him. It almost erased the cheery disposition he had. Ya gotta laugh, otherwise you spend all your time crying.

Walking to the city was a breeze for him. Living in the country had him spending plenty of time walking from place to place. Before he knew it he was walking among the skeletons of buildings which had towered above. His pace slowed as he walked amongst the destroyed city. He tried to pick out old landmarks. Central Park, Lots of red uniforms there. Best stay away. There were signs of a resistance movement. Dave figured he would be more likely to meet up with others that he could help in the resistance.

The Reverand saw the familiar "H" sign meaning there was a hospital close by. He followed the signs as best he could and found one that was mostly in tact. As he neared the hospital, a mixture of dread and excitement washed over him.
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