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the spirit orb


For centuries, the people of Gaia have been living under peace and serenity away from the forces of evil. Elves, humans and other civilised races have forged together a powerful alliance, which governs the world. Technology has now advanced to another stage, resulting the enhancement of the current age. But will new gadgets and weaponry be enough to stop a new kind of deadly evil?
A new breed of cyborg aliens, the Deth, invade Gaia undetected, and have plotted the domination of the world in secret. Already they have raided many towns and major capital cities. It is only a matter of time before they take entire control of Gaia, unless prevented...

Deep within the sunset sky, the city of Valmarias is shown amongst the clouds. It stood still in its place, as if it was part of the sky. It was basically a floating island, filled with buildings and skyscrapers sitting atop of it. Surrounding the city was a solid, round metalic barrier. But one, very large gap was left, and it looked almost like a beach. Covering the large was a long harbor where Airships were docked or approached for docking.

In the distance, entering the boundries of Valmarias, was an Airship approaching; The Gliding Angel.


Cid lay in the cockpit of the airship, pressing controls and various switched Randon didn't know what. Randon Seer too was in the cockpit, watching the scene of the approaching magnificients of the city.

"We there yet?" he said sarcastically. Cid ignored him. The First Mate pulled at his mouthpiece of his pilot headset.

"We will be approaching Valmarias in t-minus 5 minutes. If we want this heist to go smoothly as planned, I suggest we get ready!"
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