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Errol stood silently, gazing thoughtfully at the great city of Valmarias, anticipating the city with welcome arms. The city, itself, looked like a giant scatter of gems, luminous light bouncing off of the buildings, with it protected by a magical aqua-like barrier, as it gracefully danced above the clouds, teasing any trace of gravity.

He looked wide eyed at the city, and then tore himself away from the observation deck, ready to get any equipment he may need. After all, he thought, I wouldn't want to go without anything.... Errol left to his tiny, cramped room, where he sat down on his fluffy, bed, and looked across the room. He picked up his eletric-blue Magick staff, entirely wooden crossbow, and tied on the ancient cloak, fitching his fingers across the silky, white exterior.

He stood up and began pacing around the ship, reciting any of the spells he knew.
Land...its been forever.

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