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Back inside the Ebon Hawk, Kimber was starting up the engines. "I'm not even going to ask how you did that," she said to Lane as she scurried around the bridge, hurriedly flipping switches and levers to prep the ship for takeoff. "But thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

She plopped herself down in the pilot's seat and then flipped the view screen around to face the co-pilot's seat. "Here," she said. "You let me know when the Captain and the others are on board."

"Statement: If by the word 'others' you are referring to me and the diminutive mobile tin can that masquerades as an astromech droid, then 'the others' are on board."

Kimber turned to look over her shoulder at HK, and paused just long enough to raise a brow. "So glad," she said flatly. Turning back to Lane, she said, "Fuel or no fuel, the very second the Captain and Spanner are on board, we're out of here."

The engines now revving, her hand was poised on the throttle, ready to power up and take off.

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