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The boy left silently through his room, to the observation deck. Errol ran up to the dock, looking outward to see the grand city, flying majestically in the sky, and then his attention came to his companions, towards the end of the deck. he first one he saw was Suki, the most latest addition of The Gliding Angel. She was...differant from the rest. Quiet, shy, and somewhat outspoken. Somewhat like me, I guess.. he grinned, and his attention moved to Angel. Angel was always cheery, smart, and pretty. The two developed some kind of bond throughout the few months.

He ran swiftly towards the two, with a small beset on his face. "It looks nice out here...isn't Angel?" Errol said, his hazel eyes gazing into hers. "Suki?" The mage said, looking at his fellow white mage. This area definately had a peaceful aura to it...or so it seemed.

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