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Which color did you get?

Also, I bought this with it, a little pricey, but believe me, it's incredible! Zunes, iPods, and Zen Visions are all susceptible to scratching. And if you're like me you'll be incredibly gentile and protective of it, trying to keep it from getting scratched. Well, with an Invisible shield, you'll never have to worry, ever. You can skid this across a table face-down and be totally unworried. I actually have proof it's awesome. I bought a shield for my Zen, and my bro got the same Zen for himself, but no shield. After just a few weeks his was completely covered in scratches, while mine still looked brand-new.

Full body:

I bought a full-body shield. It's a little pricey, and from what I understand, don't get the free shipping. I'm not sure but in the small print it says something about it taking around 2 weeks to deliver (!).

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