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Angel smiled at Errol as he came by Suki and her. To her, he was a nice young man. Quiet, kind, and thoughtful. Angel always thought of Suki and Errol as two great friends... along with Randon.

"Oh, yes, Errol! It's nice indeed. Wonder where the Captain and the others are at though." She shrugged. She knew the captain and the others were fine. Besides, Captain Solidus was the best captain ever! If you messed with him... well... it probably wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Angel smelled the fresh air as the three friends stood on the dock of The Gliding Angel. "Gosh, I can't wait to start our journey here! Who knows what adventures we may run into."

The young girl was always excited about going in new and old places. It made her feel like she was a great explorer.

But the thought about losing her friends made her feel worried. If anything happened to them... Angel would be there to help.

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