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The male white mage blushed slightly, and shrugged off the hug, with a tiny smile looking at Suki, and he started to walk off when he heard the Captains gruff voice yell at them to come.

Errol, stalking down the catwalk, meeting with his other companions; entering with a timid smile. It had been a long day, most likely due to the ferocious storm from the other night, and everyone was somewhat tired. "That sounds like a good plan..." He said nervously, his hazel eyes looking into the captain, awaiting his approval, as Errol twiddled his thumbs, silently going over the plan Randon had given them.

It had been a toll on him, this trip, after all he had no prior experience to riding on a airship, and was about as happy as a little child getting a new toy, although, he was sure that most people whom had never been on an airship before would feel the same. He chuckled as he remembered his first days of being on the ship, and always getting confused by the complicated scematics of the Airship. The Gliding Angel itself was truelya marvel, small and sleek, but nearly big enough to host ten people.

Errol sighed, "but my opinion is invalid, I'm only a cleric. What is your thoughts on it, captain?" he grinned sheepishly, blinking at the Captain. Even though it had been a few months, the group themselves were almost like family. All of them were very...distinguished from each other. Errol himself was very timid, and gullible, and somewhat...naive. Or at least that's what Master always reffered to me as

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