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Chapter Two: Getting to know each other

The elevator ride down to Brinstar was silent. Only the humming of the elevator could be heard. Cade tapped his foot and began whistling. He also stopped to check the magazine and inside of his assault rifle to make sure none of the bullets would get jammed. Samus inspected her gun. She noticed a rock and picked it out. She looked up at Cade, sighed and said "Well... look, about earlier-"

"Nah, don't worry about it." Cade interrupted "I know I got a little too personal."

"It's just that my home planet is just a sensitive subject to me."

"Why? - What happened?"

Samus stared at Cade with a little bit of scorn in her eyes. "Now you're getting a little too personal again."

"Well you brought it up, I just wanna be nice, to get to know you better, seeing as if we're gonna be shooting stuff up side by side for the next few hours."

Samus sighed "Let's just talk about something else."

"Like what?"

"Well... If you're a Skywalker and your great great grandfather is Anakin Skywalker, why don't you have a lightsaber?"

"Dad didn't have one, he didn't have Force anyway, so neither do I."

"Right... How'd you become a hunter anyway?"

"Hunting animals back on Earth was a frequent pastime between my father and I. The outdoors fascinated me. The CoC's forests were beautiful. I got good at it, I grew up, I needed a career so I became a bounty hunter." Cade explained.

"What's the CoC?"

"The Confederation of Canada is what Canada changed their name to in 2020. What about you? How'd you start?"

"Well I spilled a detail before, I might as well spill the rest. I was brought up by the last Chozo colony. Here, they built me this suit and they trained me to kill Metroids. In the end, they sent me away into the universe and I needed a career."

"Interesting story. Well if you were raised here, then I'm not surprised you didn't leave a big wreck on the surface."

"When you wanna land, You gotta be careful about your speed when passing through the thick clouds. Otherwise, Crateria's cliffs will catch one off guard and treat them with a "nice" landing, just like yours." Samus joked.

"Hardy-har-har." Both laughed after Cade's weak comeback. "Well you know Zebes, so tell me what to expect."

"Okay... Brinstar is very rocky, you won't find a flat surface anywhere. Watch out for the acid pools. As you get lower into Brinstar, it gets flat. It's a shrine to our living guardian, Kraid. (I hope he's alright.) Norfair is hot and judging by your equipment, you can't afford to take a spill into the lava pools. Lower Norfair gets even hotter. You definatly don't wanna get stuck in a place that's 50 + degrees for long. And then there's Tourian, Mother Brain's HQ. She'd definately have her "children" nearby, so be prepared to fight the life-suckers when we take our visit."

"That's a good combination. Rock and lava. What more could you ask for?"

"I heard of grass and water, but I've never seen them."

Suddenly, the elevator began to slow down. It screeched, then made a loud thud.

"So rock's up first?" Cade asked.

"You betcha." Samus answered "Well, we got lots off our chests, lets shoot 'em up."

"Fine by me." Cade answered as he followed Samus off the elevator.

The Chozo colony might be dead, but evil's alive and well. The rock of Brinstar is just a welcoming wagon for the events to come. Many dangers await the hunters in the rocky caverns.

Yes I know that Cade isn't from Canada. Let alone Earth.

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