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"Actually, you didn't." Randon replied, as Suki antered the room. "We are just going over the plan again, which i have repeated so many times, I can't even remember..."

Randon looked out the cockpit window, and saw the view of the harbor. He then pulled out from within his jacket a folded piece of paper. As he unfolded it, the paper revealed a what appeared to be schematics of The Royal Citadel, the largest building on Valmarias and home of the Royal Family who governs the city.

"Anyway, the Floor Level is usually tight with security. Most especially around the first balcony, where the Royals are hosting the New Years Eve Festival. But the higher levels howver have less guards. At the very top roof of the Citadel will be a opening of a shaft which runs all the way down the building, where three of us will dive down and reach the 40th floor, where the artifact is likely located."

Randon took a deep breath after saying all of that, then continued. "The only thing we haven't sorted out is the team. As I am highly skilled with thievery, that makes one."

"And I most certainly cannot accompany you..." Cid interupted. "Because we need someone, such as myself, to pilot the ship so we can fly to the top of the Citadel..."
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