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Originally Posted by Jvstice
Very often this is why they don't do their jobs though, because they're busy trying to take away freedoms other people might have that they themselves participate in, on both sides. Lately more from the republicans and democrats, because the democrats lately are only marginally effective, but neither party has a monopoly on this.
"Freedoms" need restrained somewhat because if they aren't, you get mass chaos. The instant thought I got was the abortion debate, where it is about the freedom of a woman to do what she wants with her body, and on the other side it's about the freedom of an individual who is not yet sentient. In this case, it is the freedom for whom.

To be honest, politics has a dirty name nowadays. This is thanks in part to the media and a lot of really dumb politicians. I will say that there are media studies that have been published saying that the media leans to the left, and that is conceivably why you see Republicans getting blown up more. But I think it more has to do with the fact that Republicans are supposed to be this great set of values but then they turn up being gay or something and they just get slandered by everyone.

What I'd like to see is a return to the day when being a politician was a noble job. I intern for a state legislator and we had a constituent who called in for a meeting and we gave her one, appointment or not. She then came up and we talked about an issue and she began to rant, and when my boss (who was not the legislator but one of his aides) tried to reason with her and tell her some of the evidence they collected, she just dismissed it. She said she had no reason to trust us or our data, and she preferred her consultants to anything we could have said. It was a mindless, irrational rant, and nothing we said could have changed her mind. That being said, it didn't have its good parts to it. But in other places, it was woefully misinformed and she was doomed from the start.

My point is this. Politics in America is not seen as an honorable profession. You are seen as a liar and an idiot out to only line your own pocket with taxpayer dollars. Some politicians have this as their motive. I've seen in my time that I've been in politics some very honorable men and women on both sides of the aisle. I've also seen plenty of idiots and met one politician in particular who just got reelected and I don't like at all. The media gets better ratings if it focuses on the idiots and the pinheads. It would be better if more often we heard about the good things the good ones do, not always about what the bad ones do.

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