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"It could work, but knowing our luck something is going to jump out and bite us in the ass so I'll be taking three people down their with me. Randon, as you seem to be the brains behind this heist, you're coming down with me." Solidus said before looking at the plans. "I've heard rumors about the relic vault being guarded by some fat ass robot so I'd better go in case those rumors are true."

Solidus heard childish laughter coming from behind him. He darted a dark look at the giggling teenager. "Angel," Solidus said "It's time to prove your worth. You'll be coming with us. Makes sense to bring along another thief. And Mr. Cleric, you'll be joining us. Perhaps this little mission will give you something we call self confidence."

Solidus walked forward and turned around so he was facing everyone. "Okay, anybody have any objections? Cause if not, then lets go and be bad guys."

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