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'Mr.Cleric' nodded slightly, embarresed, and looked forth around at the motley crew. Errol sighed, and looked up. "No objections from me, Captain!" He grinned, and looked into the eyes of Randon, Angel, and Suki.

The boy cleared his throat, and silently turned back, into the metallic arch of the doorway. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a few potions, remedies, and phoenix downs...just in case." He added cautiously, turning his heel and heading out.

The white mage left to go to the storage section of the airship- basically just basically a giant barren room, save a few barrels and boxes. "Lets see...healing, no...healing? Ugh, some grenades...hea- here they are!" He said, carefully picking out some glass bottles, with a thick blue aquatic element to it.
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