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Valmarias was surely a beautiful place, Souvi though. Even as on that somewhat dirty harbor he could feel the grandiosity of that place. "No wonder they call it 'God's Rest'" he though, "Those skyscrapers looked really amazing from the outside. I can't wait to see in."

It took him several minutes to force his way in the city gates. There were tons of people on the streets. But that was expected, after all it was the day of the new year festival. "And the Royal Palace is going to host it, as usual." Souvi chuckled. That would surely make his work, otherwise impossible, child's play. After showing his ID to the gate guard, he finally made into downtown. He whistled as he looked at the buildings, "Now THAT'S beautiful". The Royal Palace shined as a gem before him. Surrounded by walls and guards and by many carts that undoubtedly were full of provisions for the festival. Souvi chuckled again.

He took a last gaze at the Royal Palace and turned back, looking for the Rim Tavern, as planned.


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