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*Rim's Tavern, Valamarias*

"Another bottle, boy?" said the barman to Souvi, "Ya sure got guts, not all kids can take a cup of my cider!"

"That'll be enough, Bouel" a blushed Souvi answered, "My stomach is aching". The barbarman laughed loudly and drank of the bottle he was holding. He sat on Souvi's table, his face all blushed.

"Into business already, Bouel." said Souvi, his face turning serious "I find intriguing that Rim isn't here yet". Bouel smile stretched. "M'boy! M'boy! You're too rash. The Souvi I know would first talk to the ladies, tell a story or two to his friends and then talk to the ladies again!" Souvi was still serious, though his voice seemed calmer. "I know that. Sorry for my abnormal behavior, but I really don't have time to spare".
The barman smile faded slowly. He sighted. "I see... Well, don't worry, him will come over late today, with the provisions for the festival". Souvi laid down on his chair and inspired deeply. So Rim was coming for the feast, deep inside he always knew that he wouldn't give up just like that.

Finally smiling, Souvi took the bottle and took a drink and said to the young woman that had just passed.

"Hey there, beautiful..."


.Bioshock inspiration.
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