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I apologize that this post may not be horribly helpful, however I beat KOTOR 1 and 2 on the XBox a while back, but since the DVD drive stopped working, I decided to pick them up again on the PC, and this time try them with some mods.

I downloaded several mods for K1 and K2/TSL, and I have been playing a few hours into K1 when I ran into my first problem. I'm not sure which mod is causing the problem, but I suspect it might be WOTOR.

I finally became a Jedi on Dantooine, did all the Dantooine side quests, got plenty of crystals, and I was stopping at the workbench before leaving the planet to upgrade my sabers.

The only problem is that I have tons of crystals, but most of them don't show up. They show up in my inventory, but I can't select them for the sabers. I tried all my sabers, and I can select Bondar, or Sigil, but I have all kinds of crystals I picked up.

Has anyone ran into this before? Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might fix this?
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