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"Just so I clarify, we won't be doing it right now! Not when there is still light..." Cid comented. He appraoched the dock, and parked the Airship beside a metal catwalk connecting to the large harbor. "I suggest we wait till night, when the festival running..."

"Ch...." Randon smirked. "And the Captain called me the "brains"..." he thought.

"Meantime, we can hang low for a while, gather some food and supplies."

"True..." Randon aggreed, as he leaned against the co-pilot seat. "We're running short on supplies at the moment. While we're at it, I could duck down to I-Booth and download some maps. Maybe we could learn something..."

He left the cockpit.

"You okay with this Captain? Sticking around a few hours until night time?"


Randon passed by the Storage, just in time to see Errol holding what appeared to be a grenade. He also saw Ruki in the room as well, the new recruit of the Gliding Angel.

He entered the storage, waving his hands in a way telling Errol it was a bad idea.

"Woah-woah-woah... Grenades?" he snatched the grenade from the Mage's hand. "This heist is all about stealth? Are you trying to give away our position by setting off loud bangs? At least use flash bombs, or gas grenades... or something less lethal..."
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