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Most of the crystals that you find on Dantooine are color crystals that fit into the middle upgrade slot and do nothing more than change the color of the default (generic) saber model. I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of the crystals you have found are these color crystals. Incidentally, this same slot is used by the WotOR mod to change the saber model type.
Originally Posted by Majek
erm how do i use Jolee's lightsaber? I requires a "master guard stance" feat o.O how do i get that?
I think that T7 made the Master Guard Stance feat a requirement so that only Jolee can use that saber. The Guard Stance feat tree is unavailable (and useless) in the game, but T7 gave it to Jolee in the mod by editing his .utc file.

BTW: I think that the Jolee hilt has got to be one of the most original and coolest ideas for a hilt that I have ever seen. [/shameless gushing]

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