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“He’s was working undercover for the resistance.” Cole explained to the Russian. “About a month back we managed to sneak him into a camp and assume the position of a blackheart.” Richard then looked back down at Cabble. “But we weren’t going to extract him for a month.”

“I found something out that couldn’t wait.” Cabble replied getting up. “The Bugs are building something, something big and I need to get back to base to tell the old man.”

“What?” Cole asked.

“Look I just need to tell him.” Cabble argued. “Just get me back to base.”

“We have to get meds from the hospital we can take you back after that.”

“O.K. O.K.” Cabble relented. “Just let me get out of this uniform.”

Richard stood aside and twitched his head letting him go to grab some new clothes then he approached Boris. “So do you believe him?”
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