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"Laughing at me? Hey... at least I'm sober right now... besides you know I don't drink. But to answer your question... I'm very worried..." Rueben said. "Plus... eh... naw... I'll tell you later."

Rueben's red eyes grew wide...

"Something tells me we're in for a bumpy ride, my friend." Rueben said. "Something is going to happen to the two of us... but what could it be..."

Rueben's face contorted... it looked as though Souvi was about to barf. Hold it in till you get to the bathroom... please. Rueben wanted to say... but he couldn't, he was gagging at the thought of it. Rueben closed his eyes, to block the image, but then remembered that it was in his mind. Rueben took three deep breaths and blocked the image from his mind. When he opened his eyes... he saw something he didn't expect...
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