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Originally Posted by TripHammer
I came across the white screen problem when I tried running the game again. The file referenced above at the Lucas files ftp site didn't work for me... I understood that XP had a problem running the "Episode 1: Racer" game. I've heard some solved the problem running the game in "98/ME compatibility mode". This didn't work for me either. It's prolly a combination of video and xp compatibility. I'll just have to enjoy the game on my OTHER machine.
Did you try the "SWEP1RCR.EXE" file in the "International" folder as well? It is slightly larger in file size. Dont know what the difference is, but perhaps its worth a shot?
When I first used one of these patches from the ftp it made the white screen stop. Apparently I used the one in the directory, not the

Anyway, let us know if one or the other makes a difference

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