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"Master Rim!" said the bartender, "you're here! already!"

The tall figure was standing by the tavern doors. A strange vision to anyone for sure, but a very respectful one. He was holding a wooden cane, but he did looked perfectly capable of walking. He had a very wide gray hat on his head, on top of his silver hair and was in a black coat.

"Yes, Bouel. I've decided to come earlier to make sure all the preparations for the festival tonight were working perfectly, and..." Rim looked at Souvi and Rueben, "to greet our very dear friend, of course".

Souvi looked steady, like he had never seen any cider that day. Rueben was in position too, though he looked a little disoriented.

"Mr. Rim..." Souvi said, "I'm grateful you've chosen to come by earlier to meet us".

Rim nodded. Then looked at Shan. "Friend of yours?" Souvi gasped. He totally forgot to introduce them one to the other. Rueben knew Bouel from Rim' Tavern on the Goliath Colony, but never met Rim in person. Despite his young age, Souvi knew lots of people. And the right people.

"Yes, I picked him up some years ago. A good, but overzealous bud." Souvi lowered his voice "and is of total trust. And a vital part of the plan". Rim smiled. If Souvi trusted him, then he too would.

"Okay, gentleman, I think we should begin the preparations."


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