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"Well..." Rueben said. "It's actually not that feeling... that's got me... worried... it's something else. You remember when I looked rather... quezy? Well when I opened my eyes, I saw something... something magnificent, yet terrible. I... I think I forsaw the battle... and we lost to another group of people. I'm not sure who they are, or where they come from for that matter... I've never seen them in my life."

Rueben looked at his feet... he didn't want to say the rest of his... "vision" but he knew he had to. "I also forsaw the death of... of... Mr. Rim." Rueben said, in almost a whisper. "But I won't let that come true... I'll protect him at all costs... even my own life. This won't be easy let me tell you... even if we do defeat the 'mystery' people... we'll still have to get through the guards... which is gonna be tough. You know how much this feast means for the Royal Family... they had their guards train for over 6 months... I can get in with no trouble... remember the past six months Souri? I inflitrated the palace, and pretended to be a teacher/scholar... the guards will recognize me and assume that I'm here for the feast. But they will attack you... even if your with me... the feast is by invitation only..."

STOP! Rueben told himself. QUIT TRYING TO TALK YOURSELF OUT OF IT! Souri needs your help and your gonna give it! Rueben inhaled deeply, then let the air out with a sigh, gathering himself.
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