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Chapter Three: Homecoming

The elevator had landed. "So rock's up first?" Cade asked.

"You betcha." Samus answered. "Well, we got a lot off our chest, let's shoot 'em up."

"Fine by me." said Cade as he hopped off the elevator.

Samus slowly walked off the elevator staring at the ground. Looking at all the crusted blood on the rock. She slowly straightened her view, breathing heavily. She noticed Cade walking towards a blue spiked bug. She dashed towards Cade and pulled him back before he stepped on it. "Watch where you're going!" she scolded "You're not any use to me if you have a bad foot."

Cade looked down and saw what he almost stepped on. "Heh, thanks for watching my back." his grin turned to a skeptical look. "What is that anyway?" he asked.

"I've never seen it before." answered Samus as she let go of Cade and placed her finger on the side of her helmet. "But I can find out."

"SCANNING..." her visor read. "Scanning complete. Data downloaded to logbook. Creature: Blue Crawler. It's nature isn't agressive. It's shell is weak but will leave a deep wound to the foot if stepped on."

"It isn't agressive." Samus said to Cade. "It's not durable but it still hurts to step on. Stay away from it and it won't hurt you."

"Right. Where to?" Cade asked.

"That way." Samus answered, pointing to the left. Both of them followed the rocky hallway to a metal door surrounded blue aura that blocked their path.

"I guess we'll have to use necassary force." said Cade as he shoved a clip into his rifle. Cade pulled the trigger and let loose but to his surprise, the door opened right away. "Right." Cade muttered in embarrasment, having wasted many bullets. "Semi-Automatic next time."

Samus laughed "Do you always assume the worst?"

"Well I've never been to Zebes, how was I supposed to know."

Samus continued laughing "You could've asked."

"You could'a told me." Cade said as he walked on through the short metal tunnel into the next room.

"I thought you'd be smart enough to ask for me to open it." replied Samus as she followed Cade.

Cade stopped and shook his head "Now that's too mean." he complained.

"Shut your mouth and let's keep moving you big pansy." told Samus. She looked overhead and saw a green bat-like creature looking hanging from the stalagtites. It saw her and it dropped and drifted in her direction. She shot at it, but her beam burned out before it hit it. "Oh crap!" Samus yelped as she dodged her attacker.

"What just happened?" Cade asked surprised.

"My beam burnt out before it hit that flyer, what did it look like."

"Lemme handle it." said Cade as he aimed his rifle at the other two flyers. He shot at them and they broke into guts. "It's okay, just let me handle it." he said boastfully.

"Shut up." Samus demanded as she headed straight. A wall with a narrow crawlspace under it.

Cade caught up with her and looked at Samus. "Ladies first."

"I can't crawl with these shoulders. We have to go back to the elevator."


"We missed the other way." told Samus as she shot at the door and walked back into the entryway.

Cade rolled his eyes and followed her through the door. They passed the elevator and walked to the other side of the room. "See?" Cade asked as they reached another wall. "Just another crawlspace."

Samus turned to Cade. She pointed up towards a ledge. "I can jump to that." she told.

"Then go, I'll meet you on the other side." Cade told.

Samus jumped up onto a ledge and ran to the other side to find a small altar. She noticed a ball chasis and dashed over to it immediately. As she got close it began shaking, she got closer and it magnetized to her suit and fused into it. "Suit Upgrade." Her visor read. "Morph ball online. Curl up to activate. Use to advace through tiny spaces."

Cade met up with Samus "So wha'did I miss?" he asked.

"Nothing much. I'll lead on." Samus said as she curled up into a ball and rolled through the crawlspace.

"Woo. Where can I get one of those suits?" Cade said to himself. He followed Samus out and to the other side of the elevator leading to the room they were in before. Samus again used her morph ball to enter the crawlspace she couldn't enter before. Cade followed her and they found themselves before as standing Chozo statue. It's hands were glowing. "What are we gonna do?" he asked

"Lemme try this." Samus said as she jumped into the statue's hands. She entered morph ball form and the statue firmed it grip on Samus. It began glowing, when it stopped, it sat down revealing another door and then it let go of her then she exited ball mode.

"What happened?" Cade asked.

"It told me where to go."

"Well, where?"

"Through that door, and up about two floors."

"If we keep finding statues like that one, we're gonna be in for an easy ride." Cade said as he climbed up. He then switched to semi-automatic and shot the door. It opened and they walked through.

Samus looked up and made a jump to one of the high ledges. She tried to grab the edge, but her hand slipped and she yelped as she headed back for the ground. Cade jumped for one of the lower ledges and almost didn't even need to pull himself up. Samus sighed and followed him. Both ascended through the ledges past Zebes' creatures. Past the inaccessable tunnel on the first floor and more creature leading to the second floor. "Second floor. Through another tunnel it told me. We're at the second floor."

"So let's go." told Cade as he took a shot at the door. Both walked through. But found a tunnel that looked inaccessable. Cade looked at it and rolled his eyes. "God da-" he muttered as he kicked at the wall. Samus looked at the tunnel and notice a rock drop. She aimed her gun at it and shot. The rock crumbled and the tunnel was accessable. She looked at Cade and grinned. She curled into morph ball and passed through the tunnel. Ahead of her was a door. She shot it and entered to see a chozo statue holding something. She shot it's shell and there sat a yellow orb. She turned on her scan visor and stared at it. "SCANNING..." her visor read. "Scan complete. Data downloaded to logbook. Research: Long Beam. Take orb and place into gun for use." Samus smiled and picked up the orb. She dropped it into her gun and her visor read something else. "Beam upgrade aquired. Long beam online. An upgrade to the standard power suit beam that doesn't burn out." Samus exited the room and met Cade on the other side.

"So what did you find?" Cade asked.

"A more useful beam. Won't burn out." Samus answered.

"Good. You're not much use to me with a short beam." Cade joked.

"Okay, okay, let's go."

"Right, where to next?"

"If I remember correctly, the gateway to Tourian should be in this shaft. Soooo, if we head through that crawlspace above the one we came in, we can bypass EVERYTHING and head straight for Tourian and do some extermination."

"Then let's go." said Cade as he pointed at the tunnel "Freaking go."

Samus shot the decaying rock in the crawlspace and used her morph ball to get through. Cade crawled as fast as he could through the crawlspace to keep up with Samus. He thought that soon, he would get paid a large bounty and he could live for a few more years. He met with Samus a floor up. "To the right." she told. Cade shot the the door in the direction Samus pointed in. Both dashed to the door and ran through. But what they saw on the other side was an unpleasant surprise. "No... no... NO!" she cried.

"Why? What is it?"

"Damnit! Brain blocked off the doorway to Tourian. We were so close!"

Cade sighed "No job of mine is ever that easy. Were just gonna have to do things the hard way."

Samus grunted as she let off a barrage of shots at the door. She and Cade slowly walked to the other side of the room. When suddenly they were ambushed by a hopper. "What the hell is that?" Cade asked getting his gun ready.

"SCANNING... Scanning complete. Data downloaded to logbook. Creature: Norfair Hopper. These hoppers are commonly found in the depths of Lower Norfair on Planet Zebes. Exteremly durable and agressive, face while prepared."

"A tough one." told Samus, rolling out of the way.

"A tough one, my eye." told Cade as he switched his gun past semi-automatic. "I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. And Samus, I don't want you to meet him, so move out of his way." Samus emerged from morph ball and dove out of the way. "So, say hello to my little friend ya freak." and with that, Cade pulled the trigger. But this time, no bullet came out. Instead, a grenade from second barrel. There was an explosion and all that was left was guts and limbs. "Didn't look to tough to me."

"Woo. Where can I get a gun like that?"

"Sorry, but they stopped making them in 1991. This one is vintage 1983."

"Damn." Samus said as she shot the door open. What stood infront of her was another standing Chozo statue. "Just a second." she said to Cade. Samus jumped into the statue's hands and curled into a ball. The statue glowed, sat down then let go of Samus. She stood up and said "Two shafts over, we're on the right floor." Then she shot open the door behind the statue. Cade followed her down the shaft and to an inaccessable crawlspace they came across earlier. "Allow me." told Samus as she shot the crumbling rock in the crawlspace. Both crawled and rolled through. Samus shot the door and both advanced through a large tunnel to another shaft. In front of them stood a door with a red plate holding it together. Samus took a shot at it, but it didn't open. Cade fired a grenade but only dented it. "That next place we have to go to is past that door." Samus muttered.

"Now now, lets go through other doors to find the means to get in this one." Cade suggested.

"Right, let's go up." told Samus as she jumped up from rock to rock up to a blue door. Cade met up with her and shot the door open. Samus saw another item shrine right ahead of them. This item was a blue tank.

"For you?" asked Cade.

"Let's have look." Samus walked over to it and switched on her scan visor.

"SCANNING..." It read. "Scan complete. Data downloaded to logbook. Research: Energy tank. A tank for life support system expansion. Place into gun for absorbation." With that, Samus grabbed the glass tank and placed it into her gun. Samus felt refreshed, then her visor read: "Life support upgrade. Life support systems expanded by one hundred units. Ejecting glass shrapnel." Samus pointed her gun down and the broken glass from the tank fell out.

"What did you get?" asked Cade as Samus met with him.

"A short term loss, but a long term gain. Let's go down." Samus opened the door and she and Cade hopped down the shaft to the bottom. Samus shot open the door and walked into the next room. While walking, they felt shaking and crumbling rocks dropped from the ceiling. "We should keep on our guard while we're in this room."

"Will do." Cade stared ahead and what he saw was another cannister. "Is that for you too?" He asked.

Samus looked at the cannister. To her it looked different than the blue cannister she had found before. "I guess so. Must be my lucky day." Samus walked up to the cannister and scanned it. It was a missile cannister. She quickly swiped it and shoved it into her gun and her gun spat out the glass. What her visor told her was very comforting to her. "We can get through that door now!" She yelled to Cade as she hopped down to his level. But the shaking got even more violent and a giant worm burst out of the ceiling and into the floor. It came out of the floor behind Cade and trapped him.

"Oh god!" he screamed. The worm opened it's eye to get a look at Cade. But Cade's scared face turned to a confident look as he shot it's eye with a grenade. The worm grunted in pain and attacked Cade again. It opened it's eye to get a whereabout. Cade used the oppurtunity and fired again. The worm began screaming, it's eye moving abnormally. It tried to attack Cade but it's eye hit the ground and broke open, revealing a glowing orb. Samus stepped over the worm's tail and met with Cade. He picked up the orb and said "One dead worm, and probably a beam upgrade." He said as he gave it to Samus. Samus placed it in her gun. It glowed and when it stopped, her visor read: "Beam upgrade aquired. Charge beam online. Hold the trigger and let go when fully charged."

"Thanks very much." told Samus. Cade nodded and slid between the worm and a wall. Samus followed him. He opened the door and ascended up to the red door. "Just a sec." told Samus. The tip of her gun divided into four and spread out. She shot a missile at the door and the plate blew off. Her gun rotated left then back in place, then flapped down. She shot the now blue door and it opened. "There we go." she said.

Cade shook his head. "Why wouldn't my grenade work?"

"I don't know, but the door's open now. Now let's go."

Cade exhaled deeply as he followed Samus through the door. "Upstairs?" Cade asked.

"Yep." Samus answered. Both jumped from rock to rock and then Cade shot at another blue door. Through this door, they were faced with many crawlers. Cade shot the crawlers and climbed up the shaft. Samus followed and shot the next door. She walked through and saw another Chozo statue. Knowing what to do, she jumped into it's Talons and curled into morph ball. It glowed then sat down. Samus emerged from morph ball and turned to Cade. "Into Norfair next."

"Into the flame?"

"Yep, but right after we check out this next room." She answered as she shot the door. There was another Chozo statue, but this one was sitting down and holding something. Samus shot the casing and grabbed what it held. She scanned it. Her visor then read "Scanning complete. Data added to logbook. Research: Bomb. Place into gun for installation." Samus did what her visor instructed and placed the item into her gun. "Morph Ball upgrade: Bomb online. Set in morph ball form. Use to break stronger rock and to hit normally untouchable ground based targets." She opened the door and met with Cade on the other side.

"Which one now?" He asked.

"A morph ball weapon. Bombs."

"Right. To Norfair now?"

"Yes. It's past where I got my missile cannister." Samus and Cade made their way back to where Samus got her missile cannister. And past there, was an acid pool, but above it was a crawlspace blocked by a fairly strong wall. Samus rolled through the crawlspace, dropped a bomb and the entire wall crumbled. Samus was able to roll over to the other side, but Cade was at risk of falling into the acid pool. He took some deep breaths and leaped over to the other side. He hit the wall, but got a firm grip on the ledge. He climbed up and caught his breath. "You okay?" Samus asked.

"Fine fine, let's go." told Cade. Samus opened the door and through that door was another elevator. Samus scanned the console and her visor read: "Access to Norfair granted. Please step into the hologram. Cade stepped onto the elevator first and Samus stepped into the hologram.

The hunters have trekked across rock, but more dangers await them through the fire and flames.

Wow. Two days to finish. Woo.

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