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"You do know that they check inside those crates right? Oh well... I'll distract the guards while these crates are being brought in." Rueben said, frowning.

Rueben nodded, mostly to himself. This is gonna be hard... Rueben told himself. Maybe if I could cast Blizzarga on the palace... hmmmm... that might work. But what if they realize what's going on when a sudden snow storm just pops up over the palace. No, they wouldn't suspect me... their son maybe, trying to test out his new powers. Rueben went over the plan again in his head, the only part he didn't like is when his friend and his... accomplise were to be smuggled into the palace, but he had no choice about that. Rueben looked into both of their eyes, trying to see what plan they were forming.

"Let's go..." Rueben said. "The festival starts in about two hours... gives you just enough time to get comfortable in the crates, and to get to the festival. I will warn you however... once you get to the palace... it will be cold, so be prepared for that."

Rueben grinned at Souvi, he knew that Souvi knew what that meant.

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