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"Don't worry..." Rueben said. "The Royal family will just think that it's their son testing out his new powers... no one is gonna get hurt."

The grin on Rueben's face grew wider, more prominent. With Blizzard goin... this will be cake walk.

"Hmmm..." Wonderbread said. "I think... I think I'll wear this one. It says Black Mage, but it also says royalty. What do you think?"

Wonderbread turned to his servant.

"Ummm... I say it'll look like it was fit for a king... and not a prince." The servant said, trying not to offend the prince.

Wonderbread smiled... he could hear the attempt, but pretended like he didn't.

"Go watch for Master Shan, will you? Tell me when he gets here." Wonderbread said.

"Right away, your majestay!" The servant said, relieved to finally being able to leave the room.

The servant ran out the door, and Wonderbread laughed. He put on the clothes he had picked out and walked out of the room, composed in what seemed like arrogance.
Now... the arrogance that was eminating from him was just a show... he was more or less a kind hearted person with the will for his kingdom to prosper.
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