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Along with the others, Kimber had stood and listened to Belaya explain Bastila Shan's version of the Jedi Code. Of course Kimber had heard of the Jedi Code, but she really hadn't paid it much thought. After all, she wasn't a Jedi.

Now, hearing Belaya's words, Kimber began to think about it. And the more she thought, the more disenchanted with the idea of 'Jedi' she became. I always suspected that the Jedi weren't playing with a full deck. No wonder Tysy left the order and became an exile.

As Tysy began to weep, Kimber moved towards her and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Looks like we've got our work cut out for us, Cap'n," she said. "'Cause I for one do not want to end up as a feelingless, passionless, rule-following automaton." She frowned a bit, and then glanced askance at the headless assassin droid laying in a heap in the corner. And then she gave a mock shiver. "One per ship is enough, don't you agree?"

She looked at Belaya then. "This master Shan, for all of her knowledge of Jedi and lightsabers and using the Force and so on and so forth, has missed one very important, very crucial thing about life in general. Conflict. You can't have the good without the bad. I mean, how would you quantify 'good' if there was no 'evil' to compare it to? There has to be evil in the universe, otherwise, what's the point of being good? What's the point of being at all? And isn't that the essence of the Force? Life itself and all the conflicts and heartaches and joys and triumphs it offers?"

She looked at the mechanic and then Lane. "We have to stop Bastila. We might not have the strength of numbers behind us, but we've got brains, will, and a fair amount of ingenuity and lateral thinking. We may not win, but we have to try." She grinned. "After all, that's the point of life, isn't it? Trying? Experimenting? Exploring? Maybe between the five of us...," She looked at Belaya, who was looking rather confused. "Yes, that means you, too," Kimber said to her. "We can come up with a way to either, one, convince this Bastila Shan that she's wrong and make her clean up her own mess, or, two, stop her from completing her warped idea of converting the Universe into a load of mindless zombies."

She squeezed Tysy's shoulder. "We have to try. Besides," she added with a grin, "we have to go on to Cocyta now. We don't have enough fuel to get back."

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