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Beryl had sidled up to Nic at the bar. “Sullistan rocket fuel?” she said, looking at his drink. Nic nodded. “Suppose it’s better than Renan Irongut. That stuff can remove rust, you know.” She considered for a moment, then motioned to the bartender. “I’ll have what he’s having.”

“Powerful stuff, Beryl,” said Nic.

“I can handle it. Besides, the Doc told me to calm down. So….”

Nic glanced over his shoulder at the table where Conn stood talking to a blonde-haired man. “Another brother?”

“Yeah. Teser. Back from the dead and with a piss poor explanation.” Her drink arrived. “You know that’s been happening a lot lately. People back from the dead.” She took a swig of the drink. “Wonder if my dad’s gonna show up next. Or, perhaps, Ryshana.” She paused a moment, thinking about the visitation and conversation she had had with Ryshana, or what had appeared to be her, while in her dormitory room at the Carida Academy. “Although, that wouldn’t be as much of a surprise to me.” Another swig, followed by a small shiver.

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