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The Echo swept into Ruusan's atmosphere, cleared with docking authorities, and touched down relatively close to the part of town which held the Smuggler's Rest. By this point, the entire crew knew they would be getting Nic back from the supposed dead and despite everything they'd been through in the last two months, their spirits were higher... excepting a few of the crew, though that was to be expected. Jeez in particular had gone through more than anyone else, Jana had to admit.

When it came right down to it, Jana figured she was probably the most thrilled of all of them. Reibe seemed more amused at the thought of Nic and Beryl returning. Cloud was excited, but Jana sensed a little nervous energy lurking within him. Sam and Jack were more or less indifferent. Jeez was... well, Jana couldn't read his feelings on the matter.

But Jana was thrilled, she decided. And the first sight that caught her eyes when she entered the Smuggler's Rest was Beryl and Nic seated at the bar and having a drink together. Feeling a little childish, she raced across the room and practically tackled Nic off his barstool. Reibe followed more slowly, coming up to them with an amused smirk.

"Now, now, Jana," she scolded gently. "Show a little restraint."

She watched the pair untangle and stand, fully expecting an outburst from Nic. But Jana had other things on her mind.

"I'd been thinking about how I wanted to greet you both," she informed Nic before turning and embracing Beryl. "Figured there wasn't anything that would really communicate it right, but a hug was the closest I could figure..." She turned back to Nic and noticed an odd look on his face. "Nic? What's wrong?"

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