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Chapter Three: Meeting of the Minds

Tourian. The belly of the beast. In the central tank, surronded by lava, floated the Chozo super computer herself. A sensor drone flew in front of the glass and beeped. The eye of Mother Brain opened and her eye narrowed as she looked into its screen. The elevator ride down to Norfair was quiet. But that quiet was broken by the hover of another sensor drone. Samus looked around and caught it in the corner of her eye. "Come 'ere." grunted Samus as she used her grapple beam on her left hand to catch the sensor drone. She glared into the camera. "WHY?!" Samus shrieked.

"Err uhh... Samus... It's great to see you alive." echoed the erie voice of Mother Brain.

"Don't you dare call me by my first name. Now stop playing stupid I am not screwing around. Why did you kill everyone?!"

"Ridley and the pirates did it I had nothing to do with it." Samus locked her eyes shut and grunted. The name "Ridley" was not a name she wanted to hear. "I know what Ridley did-"

"SHUT UP!!!" Samus barked. "If you had nothing to do with it, you would've been splattered all over Tourian. Why did you kill everyone?"

"...Okay, you got me. Ridley was willing to pay me for use of my children. I'd be willing to let them out into the world, they're virtually indestructable and I'm in charge of operations on Zebes. I've used the gamma ray and they're population is growing like a virus. Ridley's deported them everywhere."

"What have you done to Kraid?"

"Oh, Kraidy? You should see him, he and Ridley are now the best of friends. He really wants to see you again."

"You... You will pay for what you've done."

"And I suppose you think you and that idiot back there are the ones to make me?"

"Don't push me brain, don't push me." threatened Cade.

"Enough of this! See you in hell Samus. Send my regards to Virginia and Rod."

Enraged, Samus hurled the sensor against the wall. She tore Cade's rifle from his hand and emptied a whole clip on the drone. "Not before I see you there first." muttered Samus. She dropped the gun and sat down, breathing heavily.

"Don't worry. We'll kill her and make her into a pasta dinner."

"She killed everyone over the fate of the Metroid." grunted Samus. "They don't give a damn on what lives or dies, they've caused more harm than good and yet that thing killed everyone just so a Metroid could live."

"It speaks, she has no heart." Samus glared at Cade. "I tried."

Samus sighed "And Kraid allied himself with the Pirates."

"How bad is that?"

"Very bad. Were probably gonna come across him, so be prepared to fight sixty feet of towering death."

"Very comforting, thanks." Cade joked. "Who's this Virginia and Rod, brain was talking about?"

"My parents on K2-L."

"Hmmm... We're not ready to continue on to K2-L, are we?"

"No, we aren't. Sorry."

"Nah... that's okay. What about this Ridley, do you know him?" Samus remained silent. Not a peep. "How do you know Mother Brain?"

"When I was fourteen and on, I was training in combat. She was at my throat all the time. I couldn't get away from her. I absolutely despised her."

"Acting like... a mother?"

"Nope, verbally abused me every oppertunity she had. I don't think she liked me from the start."

"If someone treats someone like that, I'd have to agree."

Samus looked down and noticed Cade's rifle lying there. "Sorry about your bullets." She said, handing the gun to hem.

"They don't make the gun, but I think they still make the bullets, or I can make them myself."

"Are you sure you're prepared for Norfair? It's very hot."

"I'll live long enough."

"You're either very brave or very stupid."

"I'll say both."

"Well that's the first step: confession."

"Well I did fail post secondary."

Back in the metal of Tourian, Mother brain's eye, remained narrow and it burned with hatred. "I hope she kills Ridley." she told to herself. "So I can have the pleasure of killing her."

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