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Jack did everything he did when he landed the Echo. He controlled it down to the ground, cleared everything with docking authorities and then landed the ship in the specified docking area. He did all this while reviewing in his head the whole Nic being alive situation. Of course he was happy, Jack had a lot of respect for the man and learning of his survival would remove the aurora of depressing that flooded the ship and her crew.

Looking from the cockpit, he could see as soon as he opened the docking ramp, Jana rushing from the Echo and towards the commercial area. Feeling that he should follow, he left his station and followed Jana's path, just at a slower rate. He eventually caught up with Reibe.

He entered the bar just in time to see Jana tackle Nic to the ground with excitement. "I'm going to resist the temptation to do the same thing," Jack muttered before walking over to their table. Quickly taking a sip of Nic's drink while he had a massive Jana attached to him. "Good to see you again Nic, you too Beryl," Jack said with a smile before returning Nic's drink to him.

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