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“Nothing.” Nic replied to Jana Wrapping his arms around her again. “It’s just good to see ya again shortstuff.”

He released her and looked over at cloud who stepped up to him with his hand out in front of him, Nic grabbed the mechanics arm shook once then pulled him closer to wrap one arm behind his friend and pat him on the back for a few seconds then releasing.

“Nice to see you’re still breathing.” Nic stated with a huge grin across his face.

“Coming from a man we thought was dead those are bold words.” Cloud replied. “Next time you return from the dead do you think I could get a souvenir.”

“Sure.” Nic laughed.

"Good to see you again Nic, you too Beryl,"

“You too Jack.” Nic replied holding his hand out and shaking the pilots. “Hope you’ve been keeping Jana in line.”
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