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"She's done that fairly well herself, Nic White," Reibe cut in, coming to stand beside Jana. Now, with Nic's eyes fully fixed on her, she could see plain as day what she'd expected from him. He was seriously ticked at seeing her.

"What is she doing here?" Nic demanded turning to Jana obviously angry at seeing the familiar woman. Reibe didn't help the matter any, as she extended her hand to him.

"Reibe Vailar," she introduced, a sparkle of amusement in her eyes. "Ship's adviser."

"Well I'm back now and that means you're gone." Nic replied, turning back to her.

"Nic, she's helped us more than you could imagine these last two months," Jana countered, siding with her trainer. "It's because of her we didn't end up Imp-scattered dust... they had a tracker on us. She kept us one step ahead of them."

"Jana you can't trust her," Nic replied. "Every time something bad happens she's been there."

"Ever consider what would have happened if she wasn't?" Jana shot back. "We'd never have escaped Vader, for one. Or had you forgotten that in your time with the dead?"

She stalked down the bar and sat down at the opposite end.

"Nice goin', Nicky," Reibe murmured, just barely audible.

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