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Catching the enthusiasm in the air, Jeez closed his eyes as he concentrated on the Force. Feeling outwards, Jeez could almost instantly sense the presence of two familiar people. Conn and Max, Jeez thought to himself as he remembered them from the prison. Then, Jeez could feel two others that the enthusiasm was directed towards, and then, Jeez could finally sense Beryl. Darkness becomes you, it seems, Jeez commented to himself as he could feel her presence.

The Darkside seemed to be strong around her, and Jeez wondered for a moment as to why. Then, it dawned on him that Beryl no longer had Ryshana or himself to influence her in the right direction. Couple that with whatever experience her brother decided to put her through...

Jeez's head dropped as he slowly shook his head in disapproval. This should prove to be most interesting.

Leaving the Echo, Jeez slowly led himself to where Jana and the rest of the crew had ran off to. Entering the cantina, Jeez quickly caught sight of the crowd. Seeing Beryl, Jeez studied her for a moment. A part of him didn't want to believe that she had changed as much as she had, but Jeez knew better as there was no denying the slight aura of darkness he could sense around her.

Walking over to her, Jeez came up behind her and carefully placed one of his hands down on her shoulder. Almost instantly, Jeez's thoughts drifted, and a voice seemed to whisper , "Murderer." Shaking off the strange sensation, Jeez looked back over at Beryl.

Leaning down beside her, Jeez whispered into her ear saying, "You and I have much to discuss it seems."

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