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"Maybe you can't call the guards... but I can." Rueben said... reading Souvi like a book. "And don't think I won't... any of you... I will break my entourage out of jail... but the rest of you I will leave to rot in your cells... except you..." Rueben looked directly into Angel's eyes.

Rueben smiled. "Call me crazy but..."

"As will I..." Wonderbread said. "However... my idiot of a sister here will be set free... as well as you and I."

"True... so no one's gonna call the guards? Such a shame... I was seriously looking forward to busting Souvi and that girl out of prision." Rueben said, sarcastically. "I assume you are the leader, however?" Rueben turned to Solidus. "Maybe we could work together... I mean we are after the same thing... to protect the kingdom right? Or do you want to rule it?"
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