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((yes, its not the ACTUAL orb. Rueban and steven are right, they are map pieces to it. Oh, and one more last minute announcment: Team 1 can have ear pieces so they can communicate with each other.))

This was rich. And the perfect moment too, as Randon saw some other group of thieves within the vault's chamber. After nights of studying blue prints carefully, he knew the right course of action to solve this matter. He was glad he hadn't been noticed yet. Lets hope that it would stay that way.

Randon krept along the corridor, where he spotted what he was looking for; the security room controlling the room. But there were two guards present by the door, with their backs facing him.

Randon krept behind the guards, and knocked them out with the hilt of his handgun. As the two hit the floor, he paused at the door. There was a finger print scan attached to the metal door. He sighed, and pulled one of the guards up. It groaned.

"mm... wuh? where am I?" he muttered. Randon pulled his hand and reached his thumb to the plate of the scanner. As it made an access granted, Randon head butted to dumb founded guard on the head, to completely knock him out. He only brought his pistols just incase of self deffence.

As the door slid open, a short, narrow stair case was seen. He climbed up it, and saw the archway entrance to the security room. The far left side of the room had a long window, and bank of computers and security monitors. The right side of the room had racks of weapons, and a door which likely led to the staff room. The staff room door opened, and two guards came out. They looked out the window, and the display of two thieves arguing over "who take the artifact".

"This is something..." one of them smirked. "As soon as we come back from our break, a gang of thieves are arguing. I'll better hit the alarm..."

Before he was about to press his finger to the alarm, Randon brought from within his pouch a sleeping grenade. He pulled the pin from the glass orb of liquid, and threw it into the room. He covered his mouth and nose.

"What the---" the guards said at the same time, when they the purple smoke emit from the grenade. They fell down instantly.

As the smoke cleared and quickly evaporated, Randon walked over to the security terminals, and accessed the mainframe. He knew his machines, as he was skilled at this sort of stuff.

He accessed the security defenses, scrolled down and saw his favourites; Gas the room, or send security robots. If he gassed the room, it would take out the entire populaton within the vault, including his team. He couldn't do that, so he tried the alternative method. The other methods were a series of deadly ways to deal with intruders who have breached the vault.

Solid, Angel! I have this taken care of...

He selected the Security Robot deffence, but before doing so, reprogrammed them so they were not to attack his team mates.


The walls around the vault opened four small chambers. Inside were the Security Robots, fully locked and loaded. They were bigger than a normal man. Each was painted a white coating, and the logo of Alliance printed on their arms. The robots had a thin waste line for easy movement, but had a bulky chest for deffence. The head was thin, and a had a large, wide visor covering their receptors (eyes). Their right arm's wrist was replaced by mini-gun nozzles, for offence.

One of the robots walked up to the one called "Rueban", and aimed their weapon at them.

"You have commited an offence against the Alliance by infiltrating the royal citadel palace. You're placed under arrest and shall be dealt with by the Valmarian Authorites. If you choose to resit, than combat is the last resort... which I assure you will have quite a challenge to overcome!"
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