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"Aw, man. As if! Rueben!" he ran on Rueben's direction, he seemed knocked out cold. He stopped when he saw that his friend went crazy on the robots. He can handle himself now and went for some cover. On his way, he signaled to the Sakura and her sisters, which, not surprisingly, ignored his order.

Souvi never liked when things didn't go as he planned, but was actually happy that Sakura and Suki had disobeyed him.

"I should have known you wouldn't wait much." Souvi grinned "But we'll get all killed if we stand around more, by now, the Palace must be on alert. Escaping with or without the orb fragment won't be any easy now."

He turned to Sakura sister "I like your way to think, miss...?" He said to Suki. "By the way, thanks."


.Bioshock inspiration.

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