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Conn had stood back alongside Teser when the Echo's crew had come into the cantina and greeted their long-lost compatriots. After the initial greetings, which included an impressive flying tackle on Nic from a petite brunette, Conn finally saw someone he knew, recognizing the broad shoulders and determined demeanor of the Jedi Knight who had escaped the Imperial prison with them. Jeez walked over and said a word to Beryl, who seemed to back away from him, looking very guilty, as if he had caught doing something wrong. Conn had no doubt that Jeez knew what Beryl had done, and he imagined that the Jedi would have quite a few words to say to her later.

Beryl probably knew the same thing, because she shyed away from Jeez and caught Conn's gaze. Moving over to the end of the bar where the brunette had retreated, she beckoned Conn, Teser and Max over. "This is my friend, Dr. Conway Harlowe, And that’s Max… erm... …a former prison trustee. And, my brother, Teser, who apparently just resurrected himself from the ranks of the dead."

Conn extended his hand towards Jana. "Good to finally meet you," he said to her, smiling warmly.
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