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((PK, sorry but I already finished this long post and I won't post today anymore if you wish. Let's this be the end for today, ok?))

Souvi was sure that the princess wasn't anywhere to be seen. He did manage to find the orb location, though. It was just standing between piles on rubles, shining as a lighthouse on the coast. He jumped on the orbs direction and grabbed it firmly with his left hand.

Time to leave the shi-- He stopped halfway. Sakura was lying on the floor and was bleeding. Without a second though, Souvi dropped the orb and went on to her rescue. She hold her on his arms and smiled

"Beautiful, I don't think you can use the rope on this state. So, guess what, let's follow the plan!"

Souvi went over to the window Angel had broken and lit something spheric. Two minutes later, a small ship came over. Sakura and Souvi heard an amplified rather funny voice. "Ladies and gentleman, what can Rim do for ya?" He boarded and left Sakura on the nearest bed he could find. He went over to the cabin and told Rim: "Leave, now!" He then run as fast as he could to get the orb back, jumped, rolled and grabbed it from the floor.

Rim was good at following plans, as he was already leaving before Souvi made back into the ship. He jumped and got hold on the ship with one hand. He managed to come up and finally board the ship.

He could see the Gliding Angel, through the view window, on top of the walls, where Rueben probably was. Rueben, I'll get you back too, just wait.


.Bioshock inspiration.

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